Saturday, April 9, 2016

VEUON - Recruiting You Fast!

As I am a part of an early stage startup and been through all such headaches when it comes to hire some fresh talent for your startup. There are number of job portals available with start-ups coming in to segment continuously, still the problem remains same. The companies still fail to get right candidates. So when I came to know about Veuon I was very curious to know their model. First I would like you to go through their press release which will give us some idea about the startup and their idea at the core.

Veuon is a Human Resources Recruitment Mobile Application, which connects Job Providers and Job Seekers through Global Positioning System. It provides Real Time and Speed Jobs
VEUON is a Start-up based out of Chennai, India.
Veuon is a Human Resources Mobile Application, which connects `Job Providers’ (Employers) to `Job Seekers’ (Employees) through Global Positioning System that connects relevant employers to employees and relevant jobs to job seekers across industry verticals, experience levels and geographies.

About the App:
The algorithm provides ease connect with Employers and Employees based on their skill sets, location, distances and experience levels – A Real Time Recruitment through Live Data
Currently it works for a 50 Km Radius Range with the user's device as the start point of the pre-determined radius. Shortly introducing 5 Km, 10 Km, 25 Km and Cities.

Value Propositions:
Drastically Reduces recruitment time
Ends any manual intervention to match Employers and Employees (Automated)
Job seekers do a Onetime registration – Update whenever needed - Life time relevant job search
Job seekers will find the matches even when on move to any city / Country
It facilitates all type of users i.e., Professionals & Non Professionals
Benefits smaller Establishments
Connect can happen everywhere like Malls, Conferences, Theatres, Airports, etc.

The Veuon HR APP is poised to revolutionize the way employers and employees connect with one another and start a beautiful and mutually beneficial relationship.

After reading the press release I am quite excited to download the app and see how it works. When you see the recruitment process of big shot corporate e.g. Amazon, or Google, they are already very big in terms of number of employees or their recruiting budget. So they can spend days and so much effort in recruiting the right people. But when it comes to startups or SMEs, they always struggle, So I guess Veuon will really be helpful for them and as they claim there will definitely be a disruption in the hiring industry with the idea of 'speed jobs'.

Do visit their website for more info.

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