Thursday, July 9, 2015

Honey Diet - A sweeter alternative

We, especially Indians, have the worst of all habits to ignore on our eating habits. We never actually understood the benefits of healthy diet. We have a set of cuisines which help us to increase the size of our belly. Totally ignoring those kind of snacks or sweets is not an option as everyone wants to hop on them. But eating them in control is definitely an option and we need to have very very healthy diet to balance those unhealthy sweets and snacks.

Now our attitude is exactly opposite of it. We eat all the unhealthy snacks and sweets in large quantities till it starts showing effects. Our weight increases eventually, our tummy starts getting outside our pant. And slowly slowly all the areas where the fats can be stored in our body start looking like swollen parts. Then we immediately get tensed about our increasing weight and start searching on internet for fastest and most cruel ways to burn those fats. Unsurprisingly there are millions of ways to do that. We can call it as crash diet solutions. So in simple words crash diet is nothing but cruel ways to burn the extra fats and torture your body and emotions. The various ways like eat this and that in this amount etc. etc.

But we have the best option of going for healthy diet solutions. It is nothing but eating all the food in right manner. Now you must be wondering what the right manner is. It is nothing but using healthy oil, some healthy options for sugar etc. Basically using healthy alternate ways for all the weight increasing ingredients in our daily food.

Now we all Indians have soft corner for sweets and Dabur has a healthy solution to keep our soft corner safe. Dabur has this amazing product called Dabur honey. Now this product is there in market from so long and everyone knows about it but no one knows exactly how this product going to help in our diet. And that is why Dabur has come up with deliciously awesome recipes prepared none other than the popular chef Vikas Khanna.

The recipes are in various categories. The categories are healthy recipes, snacks recipes, beverage recipes, food arts, and desserts. Now if you open any of the category, you will get around twenty to twenty-five recipes. So on an average more than hundred top class recipes are there. Now so many women or all the ones who have interest in cooking have lot of enthusiasm while reading recipes but when they have to actually to make that food they lack that enthusiasm and recipes just stay on the screen. But the Dabur has a solution for this concern also. They have videos for various recipes where the recipes are explained in the simplest manner and the interested people can learn the recipes step by step. Once you start taking interest your healthy life will start.

Check out the healthy recipes at and start your Honey Diet

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