Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Surf it All! Surf it Fast!

Cricket is a sport which runs through our blood and when India is playing we leave all our works and many Indians don't bother about their work and they watch full match on TV. But for many its not possible. They hardly get few minutes throughout the day to check the score and bad internet connection, tedious browsers, overloaded websites help them to lose their interest in the match causing irritation.

When I checked out Yuvraj Singh's advertisements about UC browser and UC cricket I instantly downloaded the browser and experimented on it by checking the score for recently started England - Australia Ashes series. I don't want to name other browsers, but UC browser works really fast and Yuvraj says in ads, it gets faster and fastest eventually. UC cricket is one smooth option, but if the viewers want to visit some other websites then they can easily do that as UC browser doesn't really get affected by slow internet connection or overloaded websites.

The best thing is UC cricket. It runs very very smoothly. Within seconds of time you can view not only the score but also the small-small details about the match. All the information just stay in front of your eyes and everything is just a click away. There is a different section for news where you can read the match report or the player profiles, the war of words between the captains etc. There is different section for the videos, if you want to watch the best matches from past, you can very easily watch them without any tedious search process. All videos are just there. If you miss the latest match or you could only keep track of the score but you want to watch the fours, sixes, and the wickets later then you watch the highlights just after the first inning's break or just after the match.

You can't believe but there is more to it. You can find about future matches, series just in advance. There is a track of everything. You can read about all the gossips in in cricket world, about the fights and ego counters in dressing rooms etc. There are polls and guessing game in UC cricket where you can pick your favorite playing elevens or you can guess the winner of the game. There is also a cricket game and you if you are a gamer kind of person then you can totally enjoy it. If you don;t have much patience to read whole articles then there is a separate section for quotes and you can just keep track of who said what before the match and after the match in press conferences. You can even shop the jerseys of your favorite team and other cricket accesories on UC cricket. The whole cricket experience is full of fun on UC cricket. And the speed and capability of UC browser make it wonderful.

Do visit: and get the UC Cricket from here.

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