Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Healthy Child Makes a Happy Home

The topic is very much true that a healthy child makes a happy home. I have so many personal experiences which really made my parents happy and proud. I was born little underweight and it was never a concern for my family because Indian parents generally don't think to make their child healthy but they just wish that their child must be thin and active. Thanks to my classmates as I was attracted towards various sports from my childhood. I used to go for training in athletics which was a rigorous job at the age of 7 when I joined it. My day used to start with 5 hours school in morning, homework and a little sleep in afternoon and athletics training in evening and dinner, spending time with parents and TV for an hour in night. The schedule wasn't easy for a 7 year old boy but I could live with it only because of health and thankfully because of parents' healthy attitude. The sole reason to join athletics was to stay healthy and fit for which my dad gives very much importance. From my nursery days I used to come first in class without spending much time in studies though it is hard to believe. But this exercise and healthy food made my memory sharp and made me very attentive in school. As the topic says a healthy child makes his home healthy and happy. I always experienced that I was always at the centre of attention at my home. My parents, granny and all the relatives always took care that what I eat and how I take up only good habits and make only good friends. So to make a child healthy and fit his/her whole family started eating healthy food and start exercising which is a lacking factor in India.

I still remember how my dad joined and learned swimming for me. His only favorite exercise was walking. But to teach me swimming he learned swimming and then taught me. I used to go for swimming on weekends when I used to have holidays for athletics practice. I did all these only for fun and I somehow liked to be busy at small age too. But later I realized the effect of those exercises and healthy food prepared by my mother when I started going for treks. I started with Nainital trek and then regularly went into Sahyadri ranges. Stamina the key factor in trekking and I earned in my childhood days. I still remember when my mother was ill because of low hemoglobin content. After that incident I found out she was lesser concerned about her hemoglobin than mine. She started giving all the iron rich food and kept me healthy. She also became healthy at the same time. It was the key. If we make our children healthy then definitely we will keep ourselves healthy resulting in a healthy and happy family.

I always used to like the advertisements of chyawanprash on TV and I always used to ask my mother to buy one. I have tested all the companies and all the types and it really must have helped me because I never got hospitalized and even used to catch cold only once in a year mostly. I will conclude by saying that the concentration of a family always remains on a child which makes the family complete. If a family takes the effort to keep the child healthy and fit then they gets time to concentrate on themselves and apparently they also stay healthy, fit and happy!

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