Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Great Indian Litterbug

The great Indian litterbug inside us scared of dying at such a young stage when our honourable Prime minister launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. The great Indian litterbug still hasn't forgotten the scare of 500 rupees fine which is there in all the major cities. But that scare was beaten easily when he saw the traffic policemen spitting on roads who were supposed to be in charge of collecting those fines. It definitely increased his confidence to spit on roads anytime and anywhere. Such a democratic feeling it was! This confidence grew day by day when he found out the municipal corporations in all the cities appoint people to clean the garbage on the roads. He did the simple math and realized that those working men are getting pain from the tax he is paying. So as a responsible citizen he stopped using dustbins and started throwing garbage from his window directly on roads.

The great Indian litterbug forgot his shame, respect for his country and purpose of life when he started littering. And then there was no looking back because he knew that he was not alone. He never got the opportunity to spit on the walls very first time. The walls were always full of red and he just used to add his share of red. This Swachh bharat abhiyaan was really a big scare against all such litterbugs but when he saw so many people are arranging for garbage to clean it live on TV all the scare and fear ran away. And the big news came, 1 billion dollars funding for the abhiyaan from the World Bank which means the litterbug can happily live till the government spends successfully the 1 billion dollars in abhiyaan.

But truly speaking this great Indian litterbug campaign is the scariest of all. Because it is going viral on social media and we can't neglect the power of social media. From Narendra Modi to Alia Bhatt who got their fame and memes respectively only because of social media. All the litterbugs will now fear that the hidden Times of India journalists and their cameras will catch them in their shameful acts and tomorrow all of them will feature in the next video. Hence I really salute the team behind this campaign because this campaign will kill the great Indian litterbugs hidden inside every Indian! Next step should be the great Indian litterbug awards. All these people who are making our country smelly and dirty should get the worst award in the world. Today we managed to get funding from Worlds bank. We could have used it for unemployment, poverty etc. But we have to use it to clean our streets because some litterbugs forgot their responsibilities. Hence I am looking forward to this campaign which is getting its share of efforts and funding from TOI which will be useful to destroy these great Indian litterbugs and then we can concentrate only on our economic growth and other basic problems. Hope these great Indian litterbugs don’t delete the campaign videos and keep them in the garbage folder on computers called trash instead they will take a broom and will know the importance of cleanliness.

Find out more about the campaign and watch videos at: The Great Indian Litterbug

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