Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quikr NXT: No Fikar. Chat Quikr.

At one side when e-commerce atmosphere is taking big jumps in India and tempting Indians to buy new products without waiting for any festival or birthdays nut whenever we want. But the question always remains that how can we buy new laptop or mobile phones or any other product when the last one we bought just one year back and its still wall maintained and looks almost like a new one. And that is when we go to visit Quikr. And when one wants the branded or costly products in a good condition and at very cheap prices then people like me visit Quikr. It is really a very good platform for classifieds and one can even hunt for jobs, events, services, or flats on the same website.

When we try to buy an used product it is very difficult for the buyer to get convinced. And as per Indian attitude of inspecting the product properly before buying does not allow us just to click and buy. Now getting in touch with all the sellers till we get the right product at a right cost will be a hectic job. The first reason why I prefer the chat over calls is that it is a time consuming process to call all the sellers and spend 2-5 minutes with each to know everything about the product. Instead I can I just forward my same questions to all the sellers in a one go and then can continue the discussion with the most suitable answers. I can even ask no. of questions at any time without any hesitation and I can also have a chat proof (chat history) of whatever seller is promising.

The second reason would be the various features available on the chat like sharing photos. We can ask the seller to take photos from any angle and can immediately see them. Event the original papers like guarantee or warrantee cards can be shared through photo sharing. The third and most important reason is protection of personal information and privacy. Sellers are buyers are strangers to each other and connecting them over a phone call may lead to a bad conversation and worse reactions after that. Chat is more effective and safer option as our personal information like phone number will be protected and we don't have to talk to a stranger over a phone call. The main reason behind buying an used branded product is nothing but its cost. Now discussion all the details on phone will definitely give us a loss of calling charge and at the end it will increase the product value. Hence my fourth and last reason would be saving the extra spending in calling the buyer by chatting in the app as comparatively the internet consumption charges for chatting will be very minimal. Also, in the sellers' point of view, if they have to call the buyer then it will decrease their profit too and hence chat is very suitable for them too. Most of the sellers on Quikr are definitely not looking at profit but they want to sell their products which they feel are in good condition so that they can go for latest trend or new variety. Hence he will also be desperate to send all the details like photos as mentioned above through chat. The chat makes it easier for seller to the sell the product in lesser time than to waste time in phone conversations. Happy shopping!

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