Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Befikar Umar Bhar

This is a very interesting topic to write about because everyone dream but very few try their best to complete them. We call those people winners who complete their dreams but it doesn't mean that others are simply losers. Every one has some things in their life which hold them back from their dreams and force them to choose other options and they have to let go their dreams. I am not different from them. Hence this topic today gave me opportunity to bring back those dreams in to my mind again and  at least write them out.

The first thing on my bucket list would be the world tour! Thanks to my dad that he is a bank employee and I always got to visit different places from my childhood in India as it used to come under my dad's allowances. Hence tourism always found the top place on my bucket list. I would like to visit all the famous cities in world, and want to taste local food there. I want to make friends with local people there and take millions of pictures of people, their expressions and obviously the mysterious nature.

The second wish is very much related to the first one. As I am always being a foodie I always wanted to become taste  taster.  I want to taste all the delicious dishes which are being made in this world. My life will be so awesome if my job is only to eat new dishes and comment on them. My this wish grew stronger and stronger since shows like master chef started followed by channels like Food Food. The life will be truly befikar if I get to taste those delicious and mouth watering dishes.

Third third would be to read as many novels as I can read in this life without doing any other work. The literature in English and also in all Indian languages is so huge that one life is definitely not enough. I have a habit to make a wishlist of names on the books to read in future and I complete that list only if I have a befikar life. It would be a dream come true if my only job in life is to read books  in the bed and drink coffee.

Fourth wish is the most important one and easily targettable. I would like to open my own start-up and grow it as a successful business. Financial failure is the main reason which is holding me back and at any time in my life I won’t like to be bankrupt. But again, taking risks is a part of life but if my life would be befikar I can take all these risks very easily.

The fifth and not the last wish in my bucket list would be to buy a villa facing sea, mostly in Mumbai and to live a luxurious life. This wish is the costliest in all five and I could try to do it only if I get a lottery and my life is befikar.

Well, I have so many things in my bucket list and it would be only a dream if I can live befikar umar bhar life without any holdings back. But achieving to complete these wishes with a normal life would be an interesting challenge.

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