Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Look Up Story

This not a single moment but it happened several times and each and every time I felt very proud and I got so much positivity about my future that I can also do something big and unique in life. I remember when I was in sixth standard I got selected in the drama team of our school which was quite popular in the city as we used to open for inter collegiate drama competitions. We even participate in National level drama competition for schools which happened in Cuttak, Orissa and we came first in all the teams came from all the Indian states. Then we started getting invitations from several drama or other organizations to perform in their annual functions.

At once such time our group was invited to perform in an inaugural ceremony of a central library in our city, Thane and we gladly went there and performed. My father was sitting in the audience watching our play nth number of times but that day it was different. Very senior level people who were teachers, principles in schools had come to watch our play. And as I was playing an important role they were showering praise on me. My  father felt so proud of me. The library was nearby my house and we decided to walk to go back to home. That day first time I heard the story of my dad, his education, struggle, upbringing and what not!

My dad was from a farmer’s family and his grandfather was one of the successful farmers in his town. But then my grandfather didn’t follow my great grandfather in farming and became an accountant and started doing it for shops, small ventures etc. But money wasn’t good in the field of accounting at that time of around 1960 to 1990. One day my grandfather got an opportunity to come to Mumbai to take an account contract of a dairy farm. Then my dad got an exposure in a well established city and he finished his higher secondary school in Mumbai. My dad has 4 sisters and he was the only earning male after my grandfather passed away. So my dad joined a company after his 12th and he was doing his degree course side by side. His schedule used to be pretty tight. He used to work in that company from morning 7 to 4 and then he had to travel to a place called Dadar at 5 in the evening to attend classes for banking exams.It was a year of hardship and dedication. Finally he got a job in a bank and our financial conditions started improving. It was and still is such a motivating story for me as he always made sure that I always get all the facilities which he missed to complete my eduction and build a right career for me. Thank you dad!

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