Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Housing.com: Start A New Life

It is such a nice opportunity to speak out which is given by housing.com about what we did in our life to overcome the challenges and obstacles we faced. There are quite a few bold decisions I have taken in my life which changed my life completely and gave it a different direction every time.

I always dreamed of going to an IIT to do engineering. I was very passionate about it. I always loved Mathematics and was decent in Physics but was totally bad in Chemistry which stopped me from getting selected in the first attempt. But I was very adamant to do engineering only in national colleges and was not ready to compromise on it though I was getting an admission into one of the top colleges in Mumbai. There I took the first bold decision of my life to go for the second attempt for JEE - Joint Entrance Exam for all IITs. I studied day and night and covered each and every topic. But somehow Chemistry killed my chances again and I joined National Institute of Technology, Trichy.

When I completed my first semester I was equally excited about engineering as I was before but when actually core subjects started coming into the picture I felt the whole engineering very much theoretically than experimental and I started losing my interest. But there were quite a few technical clubs in college like robotics and aerodynamics etc. but at the same time there were equally bright opportunities like marketing and entrepreneurship teams of our cultural and technical festivals. The second bold decision I took in my second year of engineering when I chose marketing team over technical clubs which totally changed the direction of my career. I came to know from my seniors that if I choose to go for marketing team then core companies which come for placements will definitely question my interest in engineering and I will be ending my chances to join a core company. So it was a calculated risk. I realized that there are equally good opportunities in the field of marketing and later I can even do MBA. So it was the bold step of my life as I always dreamed of doing engineering in a national college and now I am totally into marketing which totally changed the picture of my career.

Later in my final year of engineering I got placed in a management company through campus placements. But again, few more bold decisions are going to be taken in my life. Like I got the awareness about entrepreneurship. The thrill and risks one should take and the fun and satisfaction in opening a startup caught my attention and I am looking forward to open a startup in the field of marketing in future. As housing.com is also a startup and I get inspiration from the story of housing as they took some bold decisions which changed their lives and I would like to follow the same path.

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