Sunday, March 22, 2015

Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness

The topic is nothing but to tell about those single things which make us happy. In fact this is the key of happy life to find happiness in small small things and not to worry much about the sad part.

So as this is Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness I would first start with Coke studio. Whenever I feel sad, bored, frustrated and many such worthless emotions I go to my collection of Coke studio videos and start listening one of the great compositions of the decade by ARR, Amit Trivedi, Salim Sulaiman etc. It gives me immense happiness and I can easily start my next work after listening four-five songs. I really appreciate the efforts by Coke which is increasing the number of quality music listeners not only in India but all over the world.

One more thing I do very often which gives me happiness and right now I am doing it: blogging. It gives me opportunity to speak out with maximum effect and in the most silent way and the happiness when we receive positive feedback from readers is priceless. I started blogging nearly two years back and have successfully writer seven short stories for which I received overwhelmingly positive response. Similar to blogging, I keep reading great blogs from the Indiblogger directory and it gives me motivation to write more and also it makes my mind to think more and more for the unique ideas.

Reading is one of those small things which I do regularly which keeps me happy always. I always feel like one life is not at all enough to read all the great authors. I started reading English literature with the books by Sidney Sheldon, Jefferey Archer, Dan Brown etc. And right now I am reading Ken Follet and Ayn Rand. It is such a pleasure to have reading as a hobby.

From my childhood I always wanted to wander and visit different places. Though it is not a small thing but whenever I get time I go for two days treks or trips on weekends to find that happiness in the busy weekdays life. The curiosity and happiness to visit new places keep me engaged in my weekdays work happily and I never feel bored.

Last but not the least thing is watching English, Hindi and Marathi movies and English serials. I always wonder how these directors and script writers in USA always manage to come up with great stories which keep you engaged till the last episode of the last season. I started with the genres like humor, comedy, and crime. Serials like Castle, Homeland, The Big Bang Theory,and  Friends are my all time favorites.

One things should not be ignored and that is to go for a Coke break with friends during the small breaks between lectures. Coke is such an awesome beverage which makes the bonding between friends stronger and stronger.

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