Monday, March 16, 2015 : Together

I really started looking up at housing for giving us these opportunities again and again to recall the best memories in our lives and look up to the future with optimism. Whenever I recall a family get together where I learned so much our trip to Jammu nod Kashmir comes to my mind. It was a hectic trip planned as one cannot guarantee whether we will really get an another chance to visit heaven on earth - the Kashmir valley.

The challenges and fun started on the day 1 which was one of the most memorable days. Our first day was scheduled at Katra in Jammu to visit the temple of goddess Vaishnodevi. We couldn't get helicopter rides for round trip and we decided to climb the mountain and make the trip to the temple worth. Helicopter ride was ready for the return journey. As we had inquired before taking any decision our friends told us that it takes around 5 hours to climb the Vaishnodevi mountain. We started with full enthusiasm and maximum optimism. But the distance was too far. First two hours went into chit-chatting and we couldn't feel the distance. But slowly slowly my father, uncle, and aunt started feeling tired and dizzy. But they never felt like giving up at any point. The options like horse riding, hiring four-five people to bring you up there in a wooden open box which is called 'doley' in Hindi were always tempting to give up. But we reached at the temple at top only with the help of optimism.

After the adventure and receiving more satisfaction than our efforts at Vaishnodevi, we headed for Kashmir valley and we got stunned by the beauty it is hiding inside. All the towns and cities in Kashmir were simple beautiful. One cannot visit Kashmir without facing any obstacles. But when I saw the heights of mountains in Kashmir valley I felt for the first time that I want to achieve something in my life. I want to live my dreams not only for myself but for my family so that we can have such family gatherings again and again in different parts of the world. The knowledge of my dad and my uncles and their presence of minds to handle small problems made me awestruck and gave me a full bag of brains how to look up to this life and make maximum out of it.

It wasn't a day of family get-together but it was a one week trip where I rediscovered how to live this life with optimism can witness the heaven on earth. We ended our trip by visiting the Jammu city and did some shopping for our family and friends. When I came to my home in Mumbai which is a city of dreams I recalled my sweet memories of Kashmir trip which taught me it is not enough to only see dreams but we have to achieve them and make them a reality with optimism!

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