Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An Afternoon at Reliance Digital Store!

I registered for a visit to Reliance digital store instantly when Indiblogger team posted about it. I was excited to know about the goodies in goodie-bag and an unforgettable experience at the store. I chose Mulund store as it was comparatively nearer to me. There was a lot of discussion on Indiforum about the experience and we were feeling more surprised day by day. Luckily I found two bloggers who were visiting the store on the same time as mine.

So we met at the entrance and decided to enter together to unwrap the surprise. And for the heaven’s sake the supporting staff recognized us at the entrance and we handover our Indiblogger invitations to them. We came to know that some Ms. Nidhi was waiting to receive us inside. I forgot to read my horoscope that day but it was really surprising day for me. We introduced ourselves to Ms. Nidhi and started to explore the store.

There were many Indibloggers who were busy in experiencing some latest entries in the world of gadgets. We started with smart phones as they are center of attraction nowadays. I could see a huge number of Reliance staff who was eagerly waiting to tell us about the new offers and information about latest gadgets. I really enjoyed experiencing iphone, Samsung note and nokia lumia. The touch screen laptops were really tempting to buy. The store was full of phones, laptops, washing machines, refrigerators, LCDs, Play stations, accessories and ipods. First time I came to see yogurt maker there. It was interesting.

I forgot to check the time and we easily spent some one and half hour exploring the gadgets. I instantly made a wish list to buy some gadgets in future. Ms. Nidhi took our pictures and video feedback.  We were informed that goodie bags would be couriered to us. I left the store with technical hangover in mind. I would never mind to spare my free time at reliance digital store in future. So friends visit a reliance digital store as soon as possible and keep updated yourself about new arrivals and you can even buy them and have them at your service.

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