Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chicken leg played the twist!

I was dating Shalu for last three years but never felt the love or need for first two years. It all started with friendship and we discovered each other in a relationship. But I was feeling something different from last six months. So I planned to go real and asked her for the dream date. Shalu is always ready to go type girl. She was so excited and I found it difficult to keep secrets from her.

I arranged the small party cum date at my home to avoid the gupshup in my friends and family. I was so lucky that my family was on tour in Kashmir leaving me whole home to decorate for my dream date. The theme for the date was red. I put red curtains, table covers and whatever red things I had. I chose a soothing music for the evening. The romantic songs from 60’s to latest genre were adding colours to the party. I put some balloons on curtains and put some candles at the borders of the hall.

I chose a rectangular table and put red velvet on it. I had red carpet from door to the table with lily flowers at the border of the carpet. ‘Ajeeb dastan hai ye’ was running on the system when she came. She just could not believe with the arrangements. When she reached to the table, there was a cake on it with toppings of Apple cinnamon conserve from kitchens of India. We first cut the cake and headed for a dance with a sip of Champaign after the cake. We both are really the ‘bhukkad’ type people who eat a lot and who like to taste new dishes. Hench I decided to try totally new taste in the market and had ordered some ‘heat and ready to eat’ food from kitchens of India.

We started with crispy starters and had Mughlai paneer, chicken darbari with naan for the dinner. We just could not stop talking. She was looking beautiful in her blue dress, just like icing on the cake. And then the most awaited dish of that night came on the table, special Hyderabadi birynani. She promised me a kiss for the mouth watering menu and the marvellous taste of food. When she took a bite of chicken leg she screamed with a pain and then smiled in surprise. There was a ring in it. Her eyes met mine. And finally I truly proposed her to be my soul mate for the rest of my life.

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