Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time for a Change!

Well this is my second post for the sake of change and for the sake of development in the villages of Bihar. It’s really an honor when someone does charity for our thoughts and opinions. But this is a need of the hour to debate this issue of security of women and sort it out as soon as possible. I mentioned some solutions in my first post like self security and respecting the women until these campaigns and stricter laws hunt the monsters in you. But some contradicted my way. I agree that my solutions were bit slower with the time but they were not useless. We need to apply them.

So I am here to churn the issue more. Once I had a sci-fi solution on this. I had an idea to develop an electronic chip which can detect the frequency of your brain waves while you get the extreme feelings and it will change the frequency or at least will give a signal. But when I did some basic research, I found that brain is itself very complex topic to study for doctors and scientists. So obviously an engineer like can’t move a stick in it. Coming to the reality, you can’t really keep a record of what those insane people have in mind while behaving out of the track. Only possible solution is to have stricter laws at least to create fear in our mind before any emotions overcome us.

I am sounding a member of some human rights campaign or community who always try to prove that criminals are also human beings. But they don’t understand that we don’t punish criminals for the sake of their crimes or the justice to the victims. Obviously those reasons are one of the top priorities. But one of the main priorities is to create some fear in people not to act like this. Our ‘slow’ Indian judiciary system is also responsible for the increasing number of crimes day by day. If we are giving the death punishments after 15 or 20 years, then who is really responsible for the crimes happened in those 15-20 years. People will never know about the results of their coward acts. Secondly I will request all the people whosoever concerned to reach to people via audio, video and written articles. People have many things to separate good and bad. It’s our duty to showcase the good. I can only conclude here that it’s time for a change!

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