Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Be Bold Stay Real

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The title says everything. These two are needs of the hour. According to Hindu mythology we are living in a very dangerous period of all time called ‘kaliyuga’. It’s not false if you track doen all the events from few years back. I am just confused whether it started from world war one or when some human cum animals brutally molested women and slaughtered humanity during India-Pakistan partition. One can’t change this trend of insanity. It will take time to rediscover the positive in this world. But we just can’t ignore the trouble we are facing. Our lifespan is very short to do something socially benefitted. Hence the only way to face the current situation is to Be Bold! It’s about finding yourself in you. The confidence of doing anything with a touch of success should be running through your veins. If devil is on your way, you should be able to haunt him down. Being bold is nothing but having courage to transform bad into good and iron into gold!

But with every good step some human emotions follow you to pull back. There is a word ‘over’ which can be prefixed and can change the meaning of your any work. Excitement can lead you to great invention, while overexcitement will always turn you down. Whatever you do just should not exceed the limit. It is nothing but staying real. It’s about keeping out feet on the ground. Many people used to forget themselves while on the top. They make a virtual surrounding of extra happiness and live there with arrogance without realizing the fact that they are digging a pothole for themselves. Hence the second most needed thing for a human being is to Stay Real!

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